Bellydance Drum and Music Workshop

Mark DeFilippo will teach basic darbuka-striking technique and six rhythms common to Middle Eastern music. He will cover how to hold the darbuka, proper posture and technique, as well as how to make the three main darbuka sounds–the “DUM”, the “TEK” and the “KA”.

Both drummers and dancers will benefit from this class. The drummer will learn to keep a basic rhythm to accompany a melody instrument for belly-dance songs and to expand his/her rhythm repertoire. The dancer will learn to recognize basic rhythms common to Middle Eastern songs and will learn to anticipate beats, tempo and rhythm changes necessary to improvise to live music.
Mark’s workshop: $35 or take both workshops for $50

Melissa Murphey, clarinetist in Ishtar, is living proof that you can go back! An avid clarinet player for twelve years, Melissa recycled/reused her high school clarinet to play belly-dance classics ten years after graduating college. She picked up her old horn ten years ago and ever since then, has focused only on Mediterranean music. In 2006, she formed Ishtar, Pittsburgh’s Vintage Belly-dance Band for the express purpose of keeping this fantastic music alive as well as providing a live musical backdrop for the belly-dancers she knows. Her goal is to encourage musicians to pick up their old instruments and play again given that the belly-dance classics are fun and easy to learn. With so many belly-dancers out there, someone should be playing these songs!
Melissa’s workshop: $35 or take both workshops for $50


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