Love Bowl

Give a Love Bowl to the Other and get one left for you. You can fill it with the offerings of the day.

Why ?
Because we are so keen on compassion and empathy.
Because we see that as the basis for restoring and sustaining our environment.
Because we believe it feels good to give, and lovely to receive.

How does it work ?
When you purchase a bowl of delectables,
you would do it for someone else, and
you will receive a bowl someone got for you, instead.
Then, we fill it with your choice of that day’s offerings.

What’s in it for me ?
A cuddly feeling of love, for a measly few dollars.
Plus, you’ll be helping our resource center and library to stay open.

Good food; promoting community education in green architecture, design
and performing arts; getting inspired … what’s not to like ?

Try it.

Where can I get it ?
@ School of Jellyfish, of course
183 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508 845.440.8017



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